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Filter Replacement

The AC features a combination of parts that work together to keep the air cool and clean. And if one of the components fails, that compromises the entire system. One of those components is the air filter.

The air filter removes dust, dirt, and other pollutants from the air. With time, the filter may malfunction, perhaps due to debris accumulation or age, thus necessitating a replacement. So, how do you know you need an AC filter replacement? Discover signs to watch out for.

The Energy Bill Is Unexplainably High

If you notice a sudden rise in AC energy consumption, a broken or clogged filter is a likely cause. When the filter malfunctions, the AC has to work extra harder to achieve the desired cooling level, resulting in increased energy consumption.

However, other issues, such as incorrectly installed AC, leaky refrigerant, and inadequate system maintenance, may cause excessive energy usage. Therefore, don't automatically assume a faulty filter is the culprit. Instead, let a professional inspect the AC for other underlying issues.

The AC Coils Are Frozen

The AC unit requires constant airflow to function optimally. But the air must first pass through the filter. If the air filter fails or is blocked, that restricts smooth airflow, meaning the coils will not draw adequate warm air from the filters. Consequently, the internal temperature drops and causes freezing.

Frozen AC coils cannot absorb warm air, meaning the system can't expel enough cool air. So you may notice uneven cooling inside the house. Since frozen AC coils may emanate from various issues, contact an HVAC expert as soon as you suspect to have this problem.

The Indoor Air Quality Has Deteriorated

As mentioned, the AC filter removes dust, dirt, and other airborne particles from indoor air. If the filter becomes clogged or worn out, the component won't be able to trap these contaminants. Consequently, you may notice increased dust around your space even after cleaning. Also, if you experience a spike in allergy attacks that improve when you leave the house, a faulty air filter could be the root cause.

The Air Vents Blow Dust

Usually, when you switch on your AC, you feel cool air coming through the vents. However, if your filter fails, your system may blow dust out of the ducts or unit instead.

You can tell if the vents are letting out dust if the items around it, such as the furniture, are dustier than items further away from the vents. You may also do a white sheet test to confirm the same. Place a white sheet a few inches from the vent for an hour, and if it appears dusty, that is usually a sign of your filter failing.

The AC System Short-Cycles

The AC runs in cycles to regulate the temperature of your home. The system detects when it reaches the desired temperature and shuts off and on accordingly. Nonetheless, if the AC turns on and off too often, that should raise a red flag.

A dirty filter should be your first concern when the AC is short-cycling. A clogged filter will not allow air to pass through it and affects the system's performance, making it turn on and off more frequently than usual to prevent overheating.

Short cycling causes a higher energy consumption and may cause significant damage to the system. So, take proactive measures and check the filter regularly.

Functional air conditioning ensures a healthy, comfortable living space during the hot season. Therefore, take even the slightest signs of a potentially failing AC seriously. And by understanding some signs that the AC filter is failing, you can replace the component immediately before damage happens.

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